The Rose Bride (Juliette Harbinger, Vol. 2)

A woman in white walks the streets. She dies in a flurry of roses, and a new dark mystery begins.

When the Heir of Tover invites her to duel, Juliette Harbinger has her chance to end his scheming existence. Unfortunately, the slippery and charismatic socialite always seems ten steps ahead. The only clue Juliette can decipher is the perpetual appearance of black roses, but she cannot reveal she understands their importance. A game of murder and politics reignite legends of a dark power long thought dead. Some skeletons will not stay buried.

The Ecstasy of Rosalee (Juliette Harbinger, Vol. 2 Tie-In)

A passion blazes. A secret history conjures a dark power. Who will burn in the inferno?

Hunted and alone, Rosalee Amador encounters a celestial being. His aura of radiant light and peace offers her salvation. An act of sublime ecstasy swallows her, and she awakens to tragedy and horror.

Juliette Harbinger investigates the mysterious events that transformed Rosalee’s life. She uncovers dark truths from the young woman’s past. But who is the mastermind behind this suspenseful plot? Is Rosalee’s angel a sacred hero or something more evil? Her life depends on the answers Juliette brings to light.

The Apple of Their Eyes (Juliette Harbinger, Vol. 1)

A family’s secrets twist love and murder. Hearts are torn, and more blood will pour.

Juliette Harbinger returns home after four years of magical training. She is reunited with her estranged father and prepares for a life of small town monotony. However, a corpse is discovered, forcing her to question the man who provided for her.