The Apple of Their Eyes (Juliette Harbinger, Vol. 1)

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A family’s secrets twist love and murder. Hearts are torn, and more blood will pour.

Juliette Harbinger returns home after four years of magical training. She is reunited with her estranged father and prepares for a life of small town monotony. However, a corpse is discovered, forcing her to question the man who provided for her.

On the hunt for a killer, Juliette must tap into the full potential of her magic. Her search for answers unravels lies and secrets, paving a path to an elite family, the beautiful and deadly Roysches.

Juliette quickly finds herself tangled in the affections of the Roysch brothers. Valen Roysch is a dark and kindred soul. In him, Juliette finds a companion who understands her world weariness. Still, his brother, Sevymas, possesses a virtue that gives Juliette a glimpse of a brighter future. Unfortunately, the Roysches’ mysteries will unlock love and horror.

The Apple of Their Eyes is an intoxicating paranormal mystery. Filled with romance and suspense, the hearts of witches prove all too human. As love leads into the abyss, a scheme of greed and ambition threatens to rewrite history.

The Juliette Harbinger series explores the soul’s dark fantasies. Heartbreaking tragedies set Juliette’s course in life as she investigates murders linked to the privileged and elite. Her thrilling quests reveal the dark underbelly of Newton’s enchanted history.

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