a literary paranormal series

1Deluxe_ECover‘The daemil are spirits, shadows cast by human existence, the ghost of your darkest mind, the mind unknown, the mind of purest creation. This mind reaches out to you, to help you, to love you, but you have abandoned it for more worldly angst. The daemil long for you. They seek to return to you, but, when they do, you corrupt them and so they corrupt you. You become an oddity, the possessed. Reconcile your natures, and you become recumon.’

Abel Carraway lives in a truth that everyone else denies. Demons exist. He has found purpose and sanity in the hunt. However, the line between good and evil blurs when the daemil seduce someone he loves. He is a hero, a champion of order, but the peace he fights for will threaten the life he suffers to preserve.

Recumon is a literary paranormal series. Exploring the depths of the human mind and heart, these psychological short stories invoke rich imagery and lyrical language to create portraits of our darkest and most noble desires. Tales of love and yearning told through an evolving cast of characters entwine in circuits that create discord and revelation.

a paranormal mystery series

Apple ECoverFinA town’s secrets twist love and murder. Souls are stained, and more blood will pour.

Juliette Harbinger returns home after four years of magical training. A heartbreaking tragedy sets her course in life as she investigates murders linked to the privileged and elite. Her quests for answers unravels lies and secrets that reveals the dark underbelly of Newton’s history.


Works Include: The Apple of Their Eyes (Novel); The Ecstasy of Rosalee (Short Novel); The Rose Bride (Novel)

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