Race Rant

I have seen people of color sell out their race to ensure a rich, white politician gets her chance at the White House.

When a white woman stood with a bunch of token white men as the white democratic establishment only pretended (and did not put up much of a serious farce) to give Americans options in this so-called democracy, people of color never questioned where their representation was. President Obama has not even left the Oval and yet we’ve gone a generation backwards.

The democrats whitewashed the slate, and people of color were too busy rooting for white feminism and its white savior complex, believing that a white woman (by being the wife of “the first black president”) would be their representative, their salvation. We never questioned being objectified as her “firewall.” We supported her in a way we rarely support each other. We accepted the white narrative that she would do what’s best for us, without question or considering alternatives as a community.

I have seen feminists of color adopt white rhetoric and defend their chosen white savior by whitewashing Bernie Sanders’s support base with the “Bernie Bros” stereotype. Young black people and young latinos were ignored as a demographic for supporting Sanders, and often ignored by their own elders and peers of color, all in an attempt to favor Clinton. Clinton’s supporters aimed to make Sanders appear anti-feminist and/or racist by focusing on a subdemographic of white male (and most likely assumed heterosexual) supporters to the exclusion of all minority supporters.

Even if white people dissolved every racist institution and policy, I’ve lost faith that people of color would even step out of the pitch to claim greater dimensions. That’s how conditioned we seem to be. If you are a person of color who is upset that Clinton is not being celebrated enough even though she just took a step closer to leading the free world, then you need to remember what real oppression looks like. You need to remember that gender micro-aggressions in the face of white wealth and white privilege are nothing when compared against racial micro-aggressions birthed from racial poverty and that same white privilege.

And people wonder why I write about Korean pop music more than politics.